Let Me Blogg Too!

 Hi! I’m Dushan and you can call me ‘DUSHI’. Don’t ask why I have put ‘888’ in front of my name, its something I couldn’t stop. I just stepped into the blogging world so give me some time to make my pages looks professional. Actually I don’t want them to be professional because ‘keeping it real’ is not something in my agenda.

            So if I tell something more about me, as I told I’m Dushan the Dushi. And of course proud to say that I’m an IT student of ‘Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT).’And I’m so satisfied about my Student life. I’m having FUN + lot of work in my life. I’m so much interested about FOSS activities and the world Technology + + + gaming, my favorite. Enough for now about me.

            Through my blogg I’m hoping to share things about FOSS, Technology and things what I know about GNU/Linux (my favorite OS) + stuff. I have seeing lot of extraordinary blogg pages of my friends and others, so my dream is to make my pages like that and to share my knowledge with others. That’s what FOSS culture is all about, isn’t it?  Bye for now. Share your knowledge!


2 Responses to “Let Me Blogg Too!”

  1. Mahesh Says:

    yo, thats professional.gud work.keep it up.

  2. chanux Says:

    Hey pal,
    welcome to the bloggosphere. You are starting it well. keep up the good work.

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