Before two, three weeks later I heard two of my friends are talking about GTK+. So I dig some information about it. I think its something valuable to share with you.

             GTK+ is a powerful and popular toolkit among FOSS developers which is used for creating Graphical User Interfaces with cross platform compatibility. GTK is written in C++, but it also works effectively with other popular programming languages like C, C#, Python and Perl.    

            GTK+ is another Achievement of the GNU project. It was initially developed for and used by the GIMP. At that time it was called as “Gimp ToolKit”. Now its GTK+ and is involved in creating a large number of important software like GNOME Desktop environment, VMware Workstation, Gnumeric, Inkscape Graphic Editor, Maemo Surf Tablet and Openmoko mobile phone software.

            The architecture of GTK+ has been build up to be based on four libraries. They are,

** GLib – a low level core library that forms the basis of GTK.

**Pango – for layout and rendering of text with an emphasis on internationalization.

**Cairo – a library for 2D graphics with support for multiple output devices                                     (including the X Window System, Win32) while producing a consistent output on all media while taking advantage of display hardware acceleration when available.

**ATK – library for a set of interfaces providing accessibility. 



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