Creating .iso Files

Its kind a cool to create .iso images in Linux because it don’t require any special software to do it. All you have to do is to handle some commands in CLI. So put your CD/DVD into the ROM and open up the terminal/konsole. I ll  show 3 methods to do this,

method 0.

              This is my favorite! Follow the code 😉

‘dd’ means disk dump. Actually this has to be ‘convert and copy’, but ‘cc’ is already using in gnu    compiler collection so they are using ‘dd’. ‘if‘ and ‘of‘ stands for input file and output file.This method makes the .iso file at your ‘/home’ directory by its default. I think this is the easiest way to finish the job.

Method 0
Method 0


 method 1.

               If your going to use this method first you should have to unmount your optical drive





method 2.

              mkisofs -o /path_to_.iso_file /path_to_optical_drive

So this is it. There can be many other ways to create .iso files. Thats because GNU/Linux means ‘choice of options’. Enjoy…..! 




One Response to “Creating .iso Files”

  1. yasi8h Says:

    nice stuff. i love all these small utilities like dd… they can be incredibility useful(inside scripts…). please continue your articles on GNU/Linux. i am a fan! 🙂

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