Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Linux Mint5 Elyssa?



Well first I should thank to Canonical guys for sending me their latest versions of Ubuntu and Kubuntu. I mean ubuntu8.10  and kubuntu8.10. They are doing hell a lot of work to give their best OS to Linux community. I appreciate you guys a lot.

Lets start with ‘ubuntu8.10’. Yes it was nice. It took about 24 minutes for the installation (with 1.8GHz of processing power). They have improved some of its art work and it’s in good shape. I think now its working more stable more than it ever did. And maybe some of you want see any difference but believe me it has improved, GNOME is used to be like that. GNOME developers never breaks it simplicity.



Then I installed ‘kubuntu8.10’ into My PC. It took about 17minutes. I was tempting to try this out from a long time because I m kind a KDE guy. It was KDE4.1. yaa…. By all means it has changed a lot! I mean a ‘lot’! It’s with all kind of fancy widgets and smashing stuff, finished with an awesome art work. Seems to be KDE developers have worked hard past few days. But actually it didn’t fit for me. Because I felt it puts too much weight on my 512MB RAM card (it requires 256MB of minimum RAM, so I got twice), I felt that its simplicity has taken away. I felt some day its going to be like ‘vista’ (which freaks me out and don’t like). But I’m not telling KDE4.1 is bad or confusing the user. It has lots of good new things. This is something I felt personally, so may be you’ll like it so much. But I personally like KDE3.5 more than KDE4.1


Linux mint5…well before ‘5’ ill tell you about ‘4’. I also wrote a post about linux mint4 Daryna recommending to use it. With no doubts I still say its a cool/awesome distro. But! Sometimes its a disaster! Because it gets crash a lot and have problems on stability. For this purpose Linux mint developing team has gave a great answer. Its Linux Mint5. I’m using Mint5 Elyssa from the day its been out and I still didn’t experience any errors (I don’t know, maybe its ‘Crash Handler’ is not working! Just joking). It comes with KDE3.5.9 and comes with all the useful packages and codex (which I mentioned early in my old post about Daryna). Fun to work with, I recommend this for every one to use.


3 Responses to “Ubuntu, Kubuntu or Linux Mint5 Elyssa?”

  1. TimesEye Says:

    i use fedora…kbuntu gave some problems in display..

  2. chanux Says:

    KDE 4.1 is missing a lot of very useful but very small ‘features’ from KDE 3.5.
    I’m sure it won’t ever be like vista 😛
    Mint 6 Felicia is out, If you don’t know already.

  3. sadeepa Says:

    Oh i will stay with my ubuntu. We are so loyal to that! 🙂

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