Hack the System [Windows XP]

Well, this is a simple method to hack into other logins. But can be useful at times.


è    Windows XP

è    Multiple User Logins

è    Curiosity 😉  

è    50 seconds from your computing life 😉



è    Simply log in to your account.

è    Open up the command prompt.

è    Then type “net user”. You will get a list of all users.

net user

net user

è    Now type,

net user  user name to be hacked*

è    Then it’ll ask you to enter a password. Remember, the things you type will not be viewed. Press enter, and then retype the password to confirm.

Now the existing password of other user is replaced by the password you entered.


*** If your account is a ‘limited’ one this method won’t work.

Get what you wanted and run for your life……… 😉         Happy Hacking.


7 Responses to “Hack the System [Windows XP]”

  1. pochp Says:

    That was very good.

  2. ශාකුන්තල Says:

    This doesn’t work with Windows XP Professional unless you are an administrator. I have tried this sometime ago at our university computer labs, but didn’t work. Even for Linux, there are plenty of nice hacks I have tried out, but fortunately or unfortunately none of them worked at our labs. 😦

  3. loku Says:

    Yo bro there are dozen if ways to hack in to windows user logins this does really work. but fi you have much knowledge in network handling in windowsXP net config net accounts also comes handy….

  4. tyler Says:

    dude that is some honkers to hack into some ones personal life

  5. peter Says:

    you call this hacking ??????? it’s just a way for the administrator users to reset a password.why would you need hacking if you got a account with admin rights?

  6. Dushi Says:

    you got the word wrong…yeah I call this hacking. May be your not 🙂 and yes this is a way to reset user passwords.but if some one is willing to learn hacking the best way is to start from ‘0’. thats were methods like this comes in. you don’t need to do those dark room work to call it hacking. it can be in various forms and can be really simple. the only thing is to make a change on a current system.It can be legal or illegal.it can be ethical or non ethical… So this is a small hack for newbies 🙂

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