Airtel HSDPA [Sri Lanka]

Hi folks! Couldn’t write for about a month I think. But now I m back again with my Brand new HSDPA kit. Well HSDPA means speedy internet isn’t it? But I would have to say that life would be little more difficult and hard when you have Airtel HSDPA!



I’m using Airtel’s middle package. 600Rs per month, 3 GB free download and 1Mb/s speed. Ya its worth. But the problem is there coverage. It sucks. Not totally. But mostly! I also brought a Huawei e220 modem from Dialog GSM. It’s in good shape after unlocking. Now they both working well. But as I mentioned early I m not satisfied about Airtel HSDPA coverage and their system. Usually when some one tries to connect to a network (as other service providers do) it detects the user and gives the required setting. Like its ‘APN’ and stuff. But Airtel isn’t capable of that. I didn’t get any HSDPA settings when I tried to connect them for the 1st time. So I had to have some calls to a friend (chanux) of mine requesting to google the setting. Luckily I didn’t call their customer care, because after some time I found that its something like fallen from the sky (more..) . There APN was AirTelLive and I gave the access number as *99#. It worked! But first I got only GPRS signals. That’s because when the signal strength is low the modem software detects it and only allows the device to receive the most available signal type. If you are an Airtel data user this would be your ‘Frequently Faced Problem’.  To avoid this you can set the modem only to receive WCDMA/HSDPA signal frequencies. If you are also using an e220, go to Tools -> options -> Network and set the Network Type as WCDMA only. The handy thing is these setting are also being saved in the device. So Linux users like us don’t have to suffer thinking to find solutions to run the modem software in Linux.

So after doing some work now I’m receiving HSDPA signals. Now it only varies between WCDMA and HSDPA (no more GPRS). The signal strength is about 40% but it’s far better than having GPRS. Under 40% of signal strength I got hardly satisfied about my service provider. Also I didn’t find a way to detect my data usage over the month. It doesn’t matter if the Data package is unlimited. But there should be a way to detect it for limited users like us.  And have to say another thing! If you ever thinking to get support from Airtel’s website, then forget about it. Its totally Crap!



89 Responses to “Airtel HSDPA [Sri Lanka]”

  1. harish Says:

    where can i get this?working only in colombo?
    “nice blog you have


  2. Dushi Says:

    @ Harish
    Thanx for the complement.
    mmm…. you can buy the data sim from Airtel Branch @ kollpety. dont know about other outlets are issuing or not. and i got only the modem from dialog (bambalapitiya) for 9990Rs.

  3. Cricket Tragic Says:

    It is also available in narahenpita also. I get fab coverage in Kotahena. Where are you Dushi?

  4. Dushi Says:

    ah..Im @Kaduwella budy.

  5. harish Says:

    Thankx.i have a mobitel dongle.will try air tel.i bought mobitel becoz of their advertisment on pappers with a ‘youtube window.’but poor quality.

    how did you register on the site mayalanka.i’ve a wordpress blog.i want to attach that.

  6. Dushi Says:

    airtel would be nice for you if and only if you can have good signal. its good if you can check on that before buying their data sim. and you also should unlock the mobitel modem to use it with another service provider.i dont know the kind of it. but if its an e220, it can be done.
    and the mayalanka thing…..well they send me an invitation. thats how i got to know about them.there is a link for registration @ their home page.any way for your convenience follow this link,
    and send me your web address bud!

  7. Nilusha Says:


    im from srilanka i live in nugegoda
    i use an USB extender for my E220 modem and keep it outside the house
    i get full signal 100% HSDPA

    but download speeds are very low (about 40kbps sometimes even lower)
    do you know how to fix it?


  8. RoshJay Says:

    Nilusha, what do you mean by an USB extender? How long is it? I use the E220 with Dialog but never get 100% HSDPA although we have a Dilaog tower very close by. The E220 is inside the house. Please let me know how I can get an “USB extender”. Thanks…

  9. Dushi Says:

    well if u have meant the ‘long type extended USB cable’ by mentioning as ‘ a USB extender’ and if ur getting the full signal strength, most of the time it can be something with the cable.when Ur using cables which comes with the modem thats ok. but when ur using somthing more longer you should be concerned about its effect a lot.
    and also keep in mind that, service providers never give the exactly speed which there mentioning.

  10. Sampath Says:

    NEVER buy airtel 300 and 600 limited data packages..for an additional 1mb they charge 5.12 rupees..that means a half a cent per an additional 1gb usage will cost you more than rs5000…anyway when i looked at the telecommunication regulatory commission website it said the approved charges for airtel 300 and 600 data packages are 0.05 cents per an additional kb. .i went to the airtel store and asked about it they said that it should be a “printing mistake” in trc website and CS didnt allow me to talk to their superiors..when i called CS hotline they told me that i may have made a mistake bcoz they have been operating packages for 4 months without a problem. But this is serious since they are charging 10 times more than accepted trc rates for pathetic speeds….I tried to compare airtel with other operators…mobitel charges 5 rs. per additional 10MB …dialog – Rs1 for 1 Mb…so Airtel charges 10 times more than mobitel and 5 times more than dialog…I asked about this also and they replied that they don’t have rentals.they only have monthly their charges cant b compared with the other operators…THIS IS WORSE THAN DIALOG.becoz they charge 10TIMES more than what has been approved… But What can we do? Please halp me…

  11. Dushi Says:


    Yes I agree with you 100%. But getting an AirTel connection means that we have agreed with their rules and regulations. So we cant do anything on that except leave their service. But we can do an inquiry for ‘telecommunication regulatory commission’ about this. Il also look forward about this. and f u guys can also can tell this to those authorities that l be able to give some affect on that.

  12. Nuranga Says:

    HI Dushan,
    I’m from Kurunegala, i was really lookin forward to airtel data packages being available in kurunegala but after i saw what u had to say i am havin second thoughts. i heard that airtel 3g will soon be available in Kuru and i’m plannin to buy the unlimted data package. whats ur thought on that? is it still full of crap?

  13. Dushi Says:

    well Airtel HSDPA has improved a lot. but it still sucks in downloading. if ur planing to do lot of downloading it wont for for u. 🙂

  14. Lilantha Says:

    I want to buy a huwai E220 hspda modem to law price in kandy. Plz help me .

  15. Dushi Says:


    I have no idea in kandy. But now there is a low price prolink HSDPA modem at ‘unity plaza’

  16. Shanaka Says:

    Airtel is very slow.,u cant download rapidshare through it,they are using shared ip.

  17. mevan Says:

    hi guys

    whats the best option ? mobitel postpaid or airtel unlimited? seems using airtel may be daunting experience.
    please advise

    i hate dialog. it sucks


  18. Dushi Says:

    if you are a big downloader 😀 , then get mobitel. else get airtel. 😉

  19. Gihan Says:

    I still think SLT is better because they dont have the Fair use policy where they limit ur speed based on usage. I am using the 512kbps package, the bill is 1500 and i get 51kbps all the time if i download the right file.

    No other service provider can give u this promise. SLT adsl ROCKS!!!

  20. jkbnuwan Says:

    Plz tell me. I’m planning to buy a unlimited Airtel internet package. I’m planing to do lot of downloading. I wanted to think twice after looking this blog. So Tell me Which one is better?
    Dialog or airtel?

  21. Dushi Says:

    don’t by any of them. Try to find out mobitel HSDPA. Its cheap, stable and really good for downloading. 🙂

  22. Dushy Says:

    Seems there are loads of problems with airtels HSDPA side… Really slows speeds.. Have tried the calling them but the agents dont know what they are talking about..Had to speak with a techi guy to fix it.. Anyone having a prob can call..0755841241

  23. lasith Says:

    Guys, i just wanted 2 use dialog prepaid broadband on my pc. Can any one tell me a place to buy a low priced hsdpa modem? (except dialog, mobitel outlets)

  24. Dushi Says:

    Try shopping at Unity Plaza 🙂 or now there are Prolink HSDPA modems for about 9400LKR. But as I heard it has some issues with Linux. So better find something else. Happy shopping 🙂

  25. Troy Says:

    Hi Lasith
    Visit Abans ,u can take from there 6900/=
    u can visit airtel branch in kolpiti,there is a abans branch in side that airtel branch. those are unlock HSDPA modem. u can use with any sim.

  26. Suresh Says:

    I need the get you’re Information.If i want Unlocking my Modem.If you know how to do it? Please contact me .Thank you.


  27. Dushi Says:

    hello suresh this link will give you all the instructions you need –>

    happy unlocking 🙂

  28. thara Says:

    can some one tell me how can i unlock my huawei E1550 hsdpa,i boght it from dialog outlet,

  29. md Says:

    how much in unitiplaza? lowest price modem & its up-down speed?

  30. sudam Says:

    how much this one….psl tell place in galle

  31. mahesh Says:

    Hey gyes,
    I need to bye a hsdpa connection just for emails and browsing.
    plc advive..
    Where I can bye a cheep dongle.. I dont mind a used second hand one..
    Thanks and cheers for new year….

  32. Dushi Says:

    if its only for browsing and emails then its better to go with airtel. They provides a small package for about 300LKR and gives free 1GB monthly usage. But its connectivity and speed depends on your location. If not you can get a mobitel HSDPA package for 490LKR which gives free 1.5GB for each month. I’m getting really good feedback on mobitel HSDPA.
    now about the dongle.. 😛 . there are dongles for sale at unityplaza. But comparing with other dongles (which sells by service providers) the difference of the amount is little. I heard that Abans(pvt)ltd is now selling them for around 5000-6000LKR(if its true please be kind to mention). so you better check on that too. No used dongle for sale that I known of.
    Happy new year and have a great vacation… 🙂

  33. dindon Says:

    Hey guys,
    I am thinking of get wireless connection for my personal use. I was thinking to get connected with Air -tel 600 package, But reading all this comments I am lost, Can any one help me to find the best package for me from where?

  34. Dushi Says:

    @dindon if your looking for the best. Then I prefer mobitel 😉 .

  35. Kanushka Says:

    How Free Get Modem???

  36. Duminda Says:

    Need to buy a HSDPA modem urgently for low price. If anyone knows a place, send me a mail. ( below 5500/= )

  37. Duminda Says:

    Need to buy a HSDPA modem urgently for low price. If anyone knows a place, send me a mail. ( below 5500/= )

    plz reply

  38. sash Says:

    i need to buy a dongle for a CHEAP price.
    if u can assist me plz send a reply to ma e-mail add…

  39. Pradeepa Says:

    i need to buy a dongle for a CHEAP price.
    if u can assist me plz send a reply to ma e-mail add…

  40. rohan Says:

    Just like pradeep im looking for a cheap but reliable dongle

  41. sahan Says:

    signal coverag is probbbbbb

  42. dompe zoom Says:

    i’ m from dompe,,,,no 3G coverage…….

  43. Dompe zoom Says:

    i want get HSDPA Modem low prise from colombo area.pls help me

  44. Dompe zoom Says:


  45. Jasinta Says:

    Hey gyes,
    I can unlock E1550 modem it’s totally free,
    send me your modem IMEI number

  46. kasun Says:

    At pettah there are dongles available at 4500/=

  47. 3G Enterprise Says:

    3G/Tri Band HSDPA/HSUPA/UMTS/HSPA/3G Modem (Unlocked)/ Rs.3750

    Buy Online or t More Information Visit :

    For more inquiry Call (05.30 am to 8.30 am) or (5.00pm to 11.00pm) 0773528830

  48. Aramayel Says:

    Airtel has just launched a new data plan called Impatience. can get 5GB for Rs 299. I am using a AIrtel 600 Plan in Dehiwela and the speeds are pretty good now. I get between 1 – 1.5 Mbps at most times. Apprently they have increased thier bandwidth so now speeds are much better. Will have to wait and see, but so far so good for me.. plus it’s REALLY cheap.

  49. Aramayel Says:

    take it to a Airtel branch. they unlock foc within 3 days

  50. dhanush Says:

    are us made

  51. dhanush Says:

    diltho pagal hai

  52. krishoban Says:

    i want to buy dongle, giv me airtel,mobitel,dialog pacages details fully(how much data ,price,speed) please help me soon urgent……

  53. neville Says:

    pls let me know can we unlock airtel x100 modem?

  54. pandula Says:

    can any one pls tel me is this new airtel mobile broadband is good or not is it worth to buy

  55. Dushi Says:

    Yes airtel has improved a lot during the past time. Its really worth to buy if your getting good 3G/HSDPA signal.
    Best of luck 🙂

  56. sajeevan Says:

    Please tell me how to unlock in new Airtel x100 USB modem..
    any shop to unlock in this USB modem .. in Colombo…///?

  57. ranga Says:

    some one know the way to check data usage while using Airtel limited conection?

  58. Vishwa Says:

    yes. there is a person. his name is chammika

  59. chinthaka Says:

    @sajeevan i have the tool jst send your doungle IMME no and the model

  60. Pasindu Says:

    I want to know what”s the lowest prices in HSDPA dongles in Srilanka?

  61. faumy Says:

    pleeeeeeeeeeeees help me to get a new hsdpa d0ngle from anywhere?…………………tell me the place and the price??????????

  62. dhanshka Says:

    machan aduma price kiyada dongle ekaka?

  63. sadun Says:

    i want to know about airtel prepaid data plans

  64. Madhu Says:

    Do U Want to unlock Airtel X100 Dongle….
    Plz contact 0715437798

  65. Ranga Says:

    Airtel internet connections are too slow.
    we cant use it for can be used just for chatting.
    it says that it has 238kbps.
    but the real speed is low than 10kbps,
    sometimes it is not means then we cant we have to reset the dongle.
    I Think That Airtel Is one of Slowest internet provider in sri lanka.
    Mobitel is the best choice.

  66. Ninthu Says:

    hi,, iam using a airtel internet via data cable,,,, hw can speedup my connection?????

  67. Tharanga Says:

    7.2mbps HSUPA/HSDPA 3g Aircard Rs.3750/=[Unlock AT&T USA BRAND)

    More Information :

    very low Unbelievable shocking price Call only After 5pm on weekdays 077 352 8830
    Weekends Any time 077 352 8830

    or email : info{a_t}

    Dialog Price 1.8mbps : Rs.16490[/B] (check link…nazomi-gt9404/

    Mobitel Price Huawei E660 PCMCIA Data Card Rs.22,500 check link :

  68. Darsh Says:

    I always recommend SLT because of their speed,price & customer service.

  69. Kosala Says:

    Original huawei dongles for cheap prices..


    contact 0772547245

  70. anu Says:

    airtel dongles prices list , please mail me

  71. Dilshan fernando Says:

    unlimited package though we paid correctly signals were there it blocks torrents…..

  72. Kamal Says:

    I can Used only Bobitel 3G. Airtel No 3G. Airtel tour Bulding Ranjurawa. We want 3G. You can do it ?

  73. jumat Says:

    Please tell me how can i unlock E1550 dialog dongle? how can i find user name & password with out that any software to unlock the dongle?

  74. jumat Says:

    please i must change to airtel packege

  75. kas Says:

    Does anyone know about airtel settings for android2.2 s7 slim?

  76. tonie Says:

    pls connect my airtel sim into my HSDPA.

  77. Kishor Kumar Says:

    im kishor from wattala , i thought of buyin a mobitel HSPDA cn u tell wat u knw bout it ,itl be a great help fr me.. 😉

  78. shiyam Says:

    how to get free data by using airtel. do you any tricks. mail me plz…………

  79. Dushan Basnayake Says:

    Dude you cant get free data. Sorry 😛

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