Setting JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME on Ubuntu / Linux Mint

This might be helpful for the newbies who are starting their career in software development with  Java lang. And of course its not like in old school when it comes to the industry, we use application build tools for proper deployment of enterprise applications. Such commonly used build tool is ‘ apache – ant ‘. Before starting any big work with java and ant, you have to define ‘Java home’ and ‘Ant home’ to make use of them. Follow the following steps by adding few lines to your ‘.bashrc’ file,

Step 01: Locating .bashrc file.
If your on ubuntu, bashrc can be found on home directory as ‘.bashrc’ . If its Linux Mint go to /etc and open ‘bash.bashrc’ as super user mode to edit via a teminal.

sodu gedit bash.bashrc

sodu gedit bash.bashrc

Step 02: Setting ANT_HOME
Include the following block of text at the bottom of your ‘bash.bashrc’ file (if ubuntu, then .bash).



I have stored my apache-ant folder in ‘/usr/local/’. Change the path according to your apache-ant folder location.

Step 03: Setting JAVA_HOME
Same as you did for ANT_HOME, include the following block of text at the bottom of bash.bashrc file. Include the correct path of java jvm.



You are good to go!

 BTW I’m listening to Pretty Girl (The Way)” by sugarcult. Its really cool 😛

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