Internet censorship makes me sick!

 The government of Sri Lanka is going to censor the internet and going to ‘BLOCK’ the sites, which contains adult content! Namely, “PORNOGRAPHY”. They say that they are doing this process to protect the culture of Sri Lanka and to protect the minds of the future generation. It seems to be that their determining to do this in a good, community friendly manner. If so I agree with them. But will it really works?? And are they really going to do that?? After this  what would happen??
   White listing or black listing the sites makes local users blocked temporally visiting them. Let’s say it’s good. But it’s not the end! After that if any one wants that kind of material can personally pay to the government to gain access and get what they want.  It makes the government the only authorized agent of Sri Lanka who sells porn to the citizens! Just like selling alcohol, and earn money by its taxes.  And if any one wants porn they won’t just stay and masturbate, they will pay to the government and get them.
 People like them won’t stop because of money. They will throw money without thinking about the price. And after downloading the stuff they won’t hide the content from others, they will expose them to the community may be they would resell them to local buyers. Who knows?? Then what would happen?  Of course the only thing can be happen is to put government on the 1st place in “porn selling and the content will go again to miners hands”. Someone can say, if government can put new rules and regulations for its customers it will put them down….. Ya ,its good if it can be done. Would these types of people follow rules?  I don’t think so!

 Countries like ‘Peoples Republic of China’ is also using internet censorship in their country. But most of the citizens of china don’t like it. The China’s authorities have put more than sixty rules for their internet consumers. The Freedom to brows the   internet is totally been abused by its government. The rules are changing day by day without even considering the old ones. Most of these rules are based on to take political advantages. China’s internet users cannot even browse the most common social sites like Wikipedia, Facebook. And even they have put rule to Google. Most of the international news site are also been blocked. They also sensors the local Bloggers on live.  If they found any blog page with something that government doesn’t want to expose, it only takes one or two minutes to erase them without warning. It doesn’t have to be sex or anything in their list. All it has to be something that authority don’t like! With this kind of restrictions have they able to put down pornography in china?? May be they have been able to control coming ‘unwanted sexual content’ from foreign countries into their country, but we all know  about the china’s local sex productions!           

 And on other hand, will it work in a country like ours which uses “Free Trading Methods?”  The traders will ship “SEX” to Sri Lanka from all over the world to supply to the demand. Another problem is these kind of blocking systems are sometimes not working properly. Sometimes they misunderstand valuable sites as restricted ones and block them. Usually the ‘school net’ does. 

 Giving the control of Internet to government’s hand is also can be cause problems in future. Because the limitations are always depends on government’s attitudes. Political corruption effects directly to their attitudes. If the internet freedom of Sri Lanka starts to get pollute by political corruption the damage would be dramatic. They can stop any site as they want. They can do that by saying “its a threat to the National Security……….”                  
    Like this you can see, this is just another hack to put some more new taxes!   I saw some government agents while speaking on the media about the affection causes by the internet to children of Sri Lanka. They speaks like the internet is all about porn! They are putting that attitude into the community of Sri Lanka. We should not forget that the majority of our country, still not using the Internet. So they don’t know much about the internet. So most of the people get only the good side of Internet censorship. And they get a bad image of internet.

 If they really want to do this there are options to follow. Like… using child protection systems at there home. Most of the countries are already uses these type of techniques….. Don’t think that I’m yelling because I’m a ‘sex addict’!!! I’m just saying that “No body can stop someone who watches PORN by putting restrictions, the only way to stop him/her by changing their attitudes”. Yes it’s hard but it has to be don in that way. Internet censorship is not the way.

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