My Crazy Idea of Future Web

Hell of work I’m doing these days. But this funny and freaking idea of future web started to ghost through my mind! May be I’m overloaded with work and started to see things. Whatever..

The future web. What would it be like? It keeps developing and developing 24 hours nonstop. Millions and billions of geeks/freaks/nerds and hackers are trying to make a new change. Speed is optimized by software+hardware and reliability is Secured by firewalls  but on other hand its not a safe place anymore to visit.

This is my crazy idea (please don’t get freaked out 😀 ).The future web may not have any browsers to browse or computer screens. Users may wear handy looking high tech “browsing goggles” . There will be nice comfortable “browsing chars” to give you those fancy vibrating and shaking real life effects. And your DTS surround system may serve as the noise of world wide web.

Then you power on your high power PC which definitely runs GNU/Linux. Then you turn on the browsing goggles…

First you will feel the empty 3D cyberspace around you, dark and silent. Then you may notice billions of tiny little particles of web sites. You may able to touch them,move them or throw them away in to the deep cyberspace as you wanted. Yeah they may Emmit beautiful colors too. I guess my favorite networks like google, youtube and wordpress will appear as giant colorful,glorious galaxies. Suddenly you wants to find something.. System takes 0.5mses to reads your brain signals and identify what you wanted and send a virtual character in front of you . Mostly it will be a kind looking lady in a pure white dress(mostly with the google logo). She identifies her self to you and asks your requirement. Then she may grab the the missing particle and give it to you…

Wow just think how it would be like! Freakingly awesome huh. I think Its better to stop now. Because you may already thinking that Dushi has gone crazy! Who knows this comic may be a prediction of the future web! What do you think of the future web? Will it be something like I mentioned ? Or is it just another freakish idea? What ever it is feel free to comment..


Cyberspace in Future

Cyberspace in Future

Note : The technology mentioned above is never been built and I’m not doing cocaine or weed 😀

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