Hack the System [Windows XP]

Well, this is a simple method to hack into other logins. But can be useful at times.


è    Windows XP

è    Multiple User Logins

è    Curiosity 😉  

è    50 seconds from your computing life 😉



è    Simply log in to your account.

è    Open up the command prompt.

è    Then type “net user”. You will get a list of all users.

net user

net user

è    Now type,

net user  user name to be hacked*

è    Then it’ll ask you to enter a password. Remember, the things you type will not be viewed. Press enter, and then retype the password to confirm.

Now the existing password of other user is replaced by the password you entered.


*** If your account is a ‘limited’ one this method won’t work.

Get what you wanted and run for your life……… 😉         Happy Hacking.

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