The Flavor of Mint

       At the beginning I was so unhappy about Linux distributions. Because I didn’t found the right thing to satisfy me. So I tried lot of distribution. I tried Fedora 8 (it’s my 1st shot), Debian Etch, Elive, Ubuntu and Kubuntu.

            But finally I found Linux Mint. Presently I’m using Linux Mint4 Daryna KDE Community edition. Well all I have to say is “Cool”! It comes with all the latest Linux packages, and especially it’s a good solution for people that don’t have an internet connection at their home.

            There are some special features I really like in Daryna. The first thing is its very user friendly so it’s easy to work with, and it’s also focused on Entertainment side. I mean about the players, like Kaffeine, MPlayer and Amarok. Yet I didn’t found any media format which is not running in these players! Amazing huh! Usually in other linux distros we have to download the codecs and stuff to run media files for the first time we use it. But Daryna provides all those things in its DVD.

            I have to say something about the ‘Kate text editor’. It makes my work very convenient.  I use it for my coding purposes instead of ‘vi editor’. I use it to code “html, xml, java scripting, c++, c and php”. K3B is another exiting software to use! Once I heard that it’s the finest CD/DVD writing tool in Open Source Software.  When I want to do any Art Work I usually open GIMP.  Daryna provides the latest version of GIMP. It works just like adobe photo shop, but very simple and low memory consuming.

            Some other Software I like in Daryna is Gwenview, Kpdf, OpenOffice and FireFox.  You only have to spend 25 minutes of installation time to experience its taste. I personally think all other Linux distributions should be like Linux Mint. Because its very attractive, accurate and reliable to work with. I think Linux Mint is another tremendous achieve of GNU/Linux.        


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