..:: Installing NVIDIA Display Driver in Linux Mint ::..

I tried to do this in several ways. They all failed but left me error message no my screen. But spending some time with the command line I succeeded.   First if you need to find your NVIDIA display driver visit www.nvidia.com and download it. The driver which I downloaded is ‘NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.05-pkg1.run’ (for my old 64mb Geforce2 MX 400 card). You cannot install it by simply double clicking on it in the graphical mode. When the xserver is running you cannot perform this task. So let’s shut it down,


0.       First press   “Ctrl + Alt + F1” from the GUI.

This gives you a real terminal.


1.       Then enter this code

sudo  /etc/init.d/kdm   stop                        ß for KDE users.

This is important. If you are a gnome user, ‘kdm’(K desktop manager) should replace with ‘gdm’(gnome desktop manager) .

Sudo  /etc/init.d/gdm   stop                       ßfor Gnome users.

This will stop the xserver by shutting down the desktop manager.


2.       Now go to the location where you have put the driver file.


3.       Run the file by typing the name of the file with ‘sh’


sh NVIDIA-Linux-x86-96.43.05-pkg1.run

This will give you some splash screens and then starts to install (may be before this it will ask you to be root). 


4.       After the installation type this code to start  kdm

  sudo  /etc/init.d/kdm   start


You can simply start the the  xserver by typing ‘starx’ in command line or press

Ctrl + Alt + F7’. This will bring you back to the GUI mode.


All DONE. Now it’s better to reboot your system.

**This method is for users who doesnt have an internet connection at their home.**

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