My Linux is in My Pen Drive [PuppyLinux4.1].

Yes, by all it means now it is also inside my pen drive. But what’s so special?

Answer: mm… its only 94MB of capacity, it allows persistent data and it has all the features of a normal distro . So what else I need? 😉


Haha ..  Let me explain. I heard about a very small Linux distro by a friend of mine. So I looked forward to find out more. It was ‘Puppy Linux4.1.2’. You can also download it from First I thought ‘oh its only 94 mega bytes… What the hell it should be some kind of useless crap’. But at the end it really pissed me about my under estimation! As I mentioned now its in my pen drive. its clean, stable and very user-friendly.  I spend only about 8 minutes to install, maybe less. It only gets seconds to boot into the RAM. Then you are good to go. This distro is specially designed for hot plugs.  You can plug it to any machine which has minimum of 48MB of RAM and 8MB of Shared Video. But you want be loosing your default settings and other saved data. That’s what I meant by ‘persistent data’. Puppy asks you to save all your settings into the drive you are currently using. Mostly it’ll be a small file with some allocated mega bytes in your pen. Not like other Linux distros, you need not have to make special partitions or file systems in your pen drive or other device. If its default file system is FAT, You can install Linux on FAT. That’s because the installed location only contains compressed files and at the bootstrap it uncompress them to the RAM.

Puppy 4.1.2 has two graphical servers. ‘’ and ‘Xvesa’ (I use Xvesa). Its default desktop mostly looks like KDE. It gives ‘abiword 2.6.3’ as a word processor. I felt it like Open Office while I’m using it. It has ‘SeaMonky1.1.11’ for browsing (something like Firefox). It has a handy Personal Organizer call ‘OSMO’. Like the other organizers it allows you to maintain your contacts, tasks and calendar. Like that ‘Calc’ for spread sheets, ‘InkscapeLIte’ and ‘mtpait3.21’ a simple GTK paining program for art work, ‘Geany 0.12’ the fast & light weight IDE, The puppy PDF converter (this is the first time I got a PDF converter as a default of the OS) and it also provide CD ripping tools like ‘Ripoff CD song ripper’  and also a number of CD/DVD burning software.

A special thing I saw about Puppy Linux is it covers all the main requirements of a normal user.  Finally have to say something about its ‘Gxin 0.5.9 media player’. It runs almost all types of media formats (I personally experienced good results by running following media formats: – .avi,.mp4,.mp3,.3gp,.DAT,.mpg,.divx,.wmv,) .

You really have to try out ‘Puppy Linux’ in your machine. And feel free to comment your thoughts.

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