Its Not Cool……

               Well… last two days I was trying to do some improvements in my Blog. The 1st thing I wanted is to change my theme to get a nice look. Mm… I know my old theme sucks! The 2nd was to put Google AdSense [ ] on My Site. So as everybody does I looked at themes collection first. But they didn’t fill my requirements. So I Google to find something to fit my taste, something special. Then I found this website. It was awesome. They provide a new wordpress version [Version 2.6.1], cool themes, so much new plugins and a large number of more cool options. And most of all it’s an Open Source Project. But the thing is we can’t use stuff in So I had to go back with theme collection.  I found this theme. It’s nice, but I like something more customizable, you know…  So that is how my ‘New Theme’ effort went.

                Then I also had to give up my Adsense plane too. Because doesn’t allow its users to put up Google Ads on their Blogs. I should have to say that’s really uncool. Ya is doing a great job for its users. But if they can be little bit more flexible on our requirements, that’s really good I think.

                So as an option for this I’m thinking to mirror my blog also to . I really want this Google AdSense so bad. Ill tell you when I’m finished. It doesn’t mean that I’m leaving, just hoping to publish the same content also at Blogspot. Ill let you know when I’m done with my new work.                

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